Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya ...

... actually most of the information about me is in my profile, you can even figure out my name from my gmail account :-)

I'm leaving this post public and at the top of my journal so that if you find this and want to leave me a message, you can comment here or will head off to the profile page to get my contact details such as mobile phone number and email address and various IM addresses ...

[EDIT: 8 Oct 2012 - due to the sudden influx of spam comments, I'm switching off comments here for the moment.]

I've just posted my pair of folk festival tickets up on Gumtree, but if anyone wants to make me a good offer for the tickets, then I'd rather sell them to friends (or friends of friends) even if I make a small loss (otherwise I'll be sticking a note on the tree outside the festival site tomorrow trying to find buyers!)

Cambridge Folk Festival, this weekend (30th July-2nd August), full weekend Cambridge resident tickets, no camping included. Supposedly residents only but I've been buying them this way for years and they've never asked for proof of residence. So this year when I actually *do* live in the area, I can't go :-(

I paid £200.95 including booking fee and postage, but I'd take £90 each.

As far as I'm concerned it's the best line-up in years and I'd love to attend ... but I'm double booked (and I could do with the cash)

Ask your friends/work colleagues :-)

07766 990 125
tickets @ chrisoshea.com

AKICOLJ - stage lighting/band lighting ...

... at the filkcons (and even at the smaller science fiction conventions) there are times when a small, portable, low power lighting system would be great, just to fill a small stage with white light ...

... for example at both the UK and German filkcons recently it was obvious that the hotel/venue room lighting was insufficient for video/photography without flash, and also it helps to "present" the performers.

But in many of the small venues we're sharing a single ring main with the PA system, mixer desk, recording equipment, possibly guitar amps etc. so sticking a couple of kilowatts of lighting in there is going to be a *bad* idea.

So anyone have any useful advice/experience? What should we be thinking about in terms of lamps, gels, controllers, T-bars, cabling ... and in particular, would something like a white LED Par 64 be a suitable lamp? Too big? Too much drain? Too tightly focused to throw light from a short distance away?

And the performers don't want to be blinded by stage lighting and not able to see the audience ...

The Register's 24hr election coverage

24 Hours In America

The Register is an online news/opinion site that deals with technology and the sort of things that affect those who work with/in technology (from toys and candy to politics), often in a light-hearted or cynical way, and sometimes with language that's not always safe for work (though usually they will warn you first!)

I've watched the ten minute loop of the current election stuff (mostly clips and comedy sketches right at the moment) but they will be adding their own reports plus the best of stuff gathered from across the US and around the globe between 1pm GMT 4th November and 1pm GMT 5th November (by which time a winner should have been selected) and I endorse this site :-)

Formula 1 kerfuffle ...

... Max Mosely (son of famous UK fascist Oswald Mosely) is the unpaid boss of "World Motorsport" and in particular the FIA who oversee Formula One racing.

A British newspaper claimed on Sunday that Mosley took part in a "Nazi-style orgy in a torture dungeon". He has denied any Nazi connotations and apologised for any embarrassment.

- BBC Sport

Didn't deny the orgy or torture dungeon, just the Nazi bit.

But my favourite bit is that some organisations are calling on him to be replaced due to this situation ... but the British with their sense of fair play and reserve (and love of kinky sex) have responded thus:

Britain's member associations of the FIA have not been drawn into the debate as yet. Three of the member groups, the MSA (Motor Sports Association), the RAC (Royal Automobile Club) and the AA (Automobile Association), refused to comment when contacted by BBC Sport.

But a spokesman for the Caravan Club, which does not expect to have a vote at the meeting, said: "Immaterial of the current situation, we feel it is time for Max Mosley to step down and have done for some time."

Well, *I* am amused :-)

Any drupal experts out there?

http://www.eastercon.org is currently running on a Drupal system.

It's had over 50 new users added in the last 48 hours ... which would be fine but they are (pretty much) all autogenerated users from some spammer who leaves porn links as comments to the entries.

If anyone knows how to configure Drupal so I can stop this happening, that would be great.

If anyone is familiar enough with Drupal to be available to answer questions from me, so much the better (or even to help out with the site administration).

Alternatively, I'm giving serious thought to moving Eastercon.org to some sort of Wiki where users have to be positively approved by a moderator, but after which you can edit articles and add new ones yourself ... any recommendations? Any one sufficiently familiar with a particular wiki (that's easy to use!) that they could talk us through installing and configuring it?


[EDIT: I've made this post public so you can point your Drupal and Wiki savvy friends at it]

Led Zep concert pictures up on Facebook

Pictures here

Didn't want to risk taking the "good" camera, so these are all shot with my Olympus C750 Ultra Zoom (4Mp, 10x optical zoom) ... and for some reason (perhaps the large biker next to me!) many of them have a small tilt to them, but when I get a chance I'll go back through these, zoom in on the important bits (crop the rest) and fix the rotation ... these are about half the pictures I took, the rest are either too blurred or less interesting versions of the same subject matter :-)

I started the upload of the pictures at 12 noon as I was heading off for a meeting and lunch ... and when I got back from lunch I find that at least twenty people have already found the pictures and that one of them is my second most popular picture on Flickr, already!

Led Zeppelin concert!

... and there are pictures up on Facebook!

A fantastic night of music! ... I missed Keith Emerson and Paulo Nutini because I was in the merchandise queue (conrunners could have told them much better how to organise that!) but Bill Wyman and his Rhythm Kings with guest stars including Albert Lee (who is the guitarist I want to be when I grow up!), Paul Rogers (All Right Now!) and Foreigner as warm up acts ... followed by nearly two and a half hours of Zep ... bliss!

all my memories while I still have them!Collapse )

NotNovelWritingMonth ... (or possibly NoNovelWritingMonth or NoNovemberWritingMonth or ... well, you know) :-)

You must take the pledge:

By joining NoNoWriMo I commit to writing zero words towards a novel or other long fiction piece.

... how am I doing so far?

Feel free to insert this image in your journal to display your progress so far ...

( the URL is http://pics.livejournal.com/the_magician/pic/0001gd44 )

Anyone that succeeds in not writing A SINGLE WORD towards a novel or similar work during the entire month of November will earn themselves a NoCertificate, or, as I said earlier, a NoNoWriMoNoCertificate, which you can display in a place of honour to remind yourself how much willpower you've saved this month!

You can reply to this posting to indicate you'd like to join, I'll make this post public so that even non-friends can take part in this community project :-)

Registration forms, icons, word counters, books on how to forget your plot ideas, how to frustrate your inner muse or how to prove there is no novel inside you (thanks MEG!) may become available, if I can be bothered or if someone else wants to do them ... there probably won't be a website, but at the end of the month, if you submit your zero word entry, then a NoCertificate will be made available. If you've written even a one sentence plot outline *for a novel* then, er, we'll think of some suitable punishment! And you'll get a "I failed at NoNoWriMo" certificate or something....

... if you find yourself getting creative then we'll set up selfdefeating help groups where you can pick apart at each other's ideas, use ridicule and sarcasm to "critique" other people's writing, point out how derivative and banal other people's ideas are, and buy each other enough drinks to stop you being able to write a coherant sentence (and no writing Ulysses in that state, ok?)!


Worldcon and Polyday friends ...

Me in florence on duomo
... if you met me at Worldcon in Japan or at Polyday in London, then comment here to be added to my friends list.

Thanks, and it was lovely meeting all of you!